Siesta Key has more than six glorious miles of beaches. That’s plenty of room for variety, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the keys.

Siesta Key Public Beach is your gateway to the award-winning internationally famous pure white quartz sand beaches of northern and central Siesta Key. The full-service beach facilities and free parking provide everything you’ll need for a day on one of Florida’s most unforgettable public beaches. And don’t think you have to confine yourself to the designated public beach area where most of the beach crowd hangs out. Feel free to walk as far north or south on the beach as your feet can take you. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are four reasons you’ll absolutely love Sarasota Siesta Key Public Beach.

Siesta Key Crescent Beach is a 1.5 mile long crescent of pure white sand beginning at the southern edge of Siesta Public Beach and stretching all the way south to Point-of-Rocks. This is where you’ll find a huge selection of beachfront resorts and vacation condominiums overlooking the placid Gulf of Mexico. And, there’s a surprise waiting for you at the southern end of Crescent Beach: Point-of-Rocks offers one of the best shallow water snorkeling opportunities on Florida’s southwest Gulf coast.

Turtle Beach, Siesta Key is a public beach access south of the Point-of-Rocks neighborhood. This is where the sand makes a dramatic change from pure white to a luxurious fossil-filled gray. Millions of tiny bits of polished fossilized material mix with the white quartz creating a different quality and texture along with the opportunity to find a few shark’s teeth if you look closely. And that’s not all!

Longboat Key, Sarasota Beaches

Longboat Key is an island about four miles north of our Siesta Key hotel, roughly 20 minutes away from Siesta Key by car. The island has nearly ten miles of white sand beaches watched over by tall gated condominiums. Nearly as common as bathing suits are golf and tennis attire. And, the island has adopted Sarasota’s enthusiasm for fine dining.

Longboat Key Beaches have very limited public access. That’s why they draw celebrities from all over the world; getting away from the crowd is easy on Longboat Key. Both the modern condominiums and the Old-Florida style beach resorts offer visitors the opportunity to have a “private beach” experience combined with the lifestyle they are comfortable with.

Beer Can Island is not the kind of name you might expect to be attached to a Longboat Key beach, but this quiet, wooded hooked spit on the north end of the island is as different in character from the rest of the island as its name would indicate. But don’t worry, it isn’t strewn with beer cans and doesn’t attract an uncouth crowd. It is littered with sea shells and shorebirds and is one of the most scenic, quiet and relaxing beaches in Florida.

Lido Key, Sarasota Beaches

Lido Key is a small island immediately to the north of Siesta Key. It is loosely integrated with downtown Sarasota where going to the beach and going shopping are often combined activities. Once you cross the bridge from downtown Sarasota onto Lido Key, you know you are someplace special. Despite the plentiful and popular shopping boutiques, fine restaurants and art galleries, the beach holds its own as the focal point of the Lido Key experience. With three excellent public access points, Lido Key offers something for everyone.

North Lido Beach is a short walk from the relaxed commercial hub of Saint Armand’s Circle. What it lacks in public facilities it more than makes up for in peace and quiet. Just a short walk north on the beach toward New Pass takes you to an undeveloped white sand beach used by people who prefer a quieter beach experience and a closer connection with nature.

Lido Public Beach is the main public beach access on the key. Located about mid-island, it has everything you’d expect from a top-notch public beach, plus a swimming pool! Beach parking is free and you can walk north or south as far as you like on the beach and explore the more than three miles of pure white sand beaches on Lido Key near downtown Sarasota.

South Lido Beach Park is perfect for nature lovers and for a family picnic. It overlooks Big Pass, the inlet between Lido Key and northern Siesta Key. Acres of shady Australian pines provide shade for picnic tables and for the playground equipment. Arrange for a kayak tour through the shady mangrove tunnels or just relax on the huge white sand beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and Big Pass.